Taking Action to Stop Noise Problems on Public Transportation

Taking Action to Stop Noise Problems on Public Transportation

People who take public transportation to get to and from work are often annoyed by the annoying sounds of other people’s loud phone conversations or videos. Just like noise in the neighborhood can make people unhappy, noise on public transportation can make things worse for everyone, often resulting in fights and pain for riders.

Recent events bring the problem to light

In February, there was a heated argument on a bus because someone was playing loud music from their phone, which caused the service to be canceled. A man went on a rant on the top deck of a double-decker bus after being told to turn down the sound on his phone. These events make me wonder if loud noises on public transportation should be taken just as seriously as noise problems in the neighborhood.

Is it noise just a bother or is it a health risk?

Noise-related disagreements between neighbors have been dealt with by the government, but noise on public transportation has not been dealt with much. You need to be able to tell the difference between normal and unacceptable sound. Most of the time, acceptable sound is made accidentally and can’t be stopped. On the other hand, bad sound is made on purpose to bother other people. Unacceptable sound, especially in small areas, can be bad for the health of people.

What It Means for Health

It is well known that sound pollution is bad for your health. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that sound pollution is becoming a bigger health risk. According to the European Environmental Agency, noise is second only to air pollution as a pollution source. Even with these warnings, government agencies often don’t give enough weight to the health risks of sound pollution.

Sound pollution has been linked to hearing loss and a number of other health problems. It such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems, and brain problems. There also impact kids being born with low birth weight. It is important to recognize that too much noise can be very bad for your health.

Taking Action to Stop Noise Problems on Public Transportation

Getting Ideas from Brussels and Mumbai about Noise

Some towns have done something about the noise on public transportation. People who are traveling in Mumbai are not allowed to talk on their phones loudly or watch videos without headphones. People who break these rules could get fined or go to jail. Members of parliament in Brussels recently put forward a motion to punish people who use computers on public transportation that are too loud.

An Urge to Act in Singapore about Noise

Singapore might want to take steps like those in Mumbai and Brussels to deal with noise problems on public transportation. These steps would give bus leaders and other riders the power to step in when needed. It making the trip safer and more peaceful. Also, programs should be started to teach riders about the health risks of too much noise, their right to a quiet ride, and how important it is to be polite in public places.

How to Make Commuters Responsible

People who commute are very important for keeping public transportation quiet. They need to be taught how to properly enjoy pleasure while wearing headphones. People on the subway should be careful about how loud they talk on the phone so as not to bother other people.

In conclusion

Education is important, but in the end, it’s up to each person to make their own decisions. People who use public transportation with others need to decide to be more kind and considerate. If we do something about the noise on public transportation, everyone will be able to commute more comfortably and peacefully.