Dealing with Delhi’s Hazardous Air Problems

Hazardous Air. So, Delhi’s getting back on track, but it’s still a bit of a mess. They reopened schools and some construction spots, but there’s a big haze clouding the city. This toxic foam in the Yamuna river isn’t helping matters either.

Same Old Pollution Fight

You know how Delhi goes—every November, they gear up for the pollution struggle. This year’s no different. Even though the government promised changes, the city’s battling the same old pollution woes.

Air Quality: Better but Still Bad

The air quality index dropped from a dangerous 509 on Nov 16 to 336 on Nov 20. Yeah, it’s an improvement, but it’s still labeled hazardous. Kids are wearing masks, having just got back to school after nearly two weeks off due to pollution.

Festival Vibes Amidst the Mess

Despite the hazardous air and that nasty foam in the Yamuna river, folks are sticking to their traditions. They’re out there, doing their rituals, even though the authorities say that foam’s toxic.

About that Foam in the River

The toxic foam in the Yamuna river is from leftover sludge and waste. The city’s trying to control it by spraying chemicals. It won’t kill you if you touch it, but if you drink it, watch out for sickness, says a former government advisor.

Lifting Some Restrictions

They eased up a bit on Nov 19, letting some construction start again, but not the dusty kind. They did this after taking back some emergency measures that were put in place on Nov 5 when things were really bad.

Winter Adds to the Pollution Woes

Winter’s not doing any favors. The air’s getting trapped, making all the pollution from cars, industries, and burning fields stick around longer.

Traffic Adds to the Mess

Traffic’s a big part of the problem too. On Nov 20, it was contributing a lot to those nasty particles in the air. Those tiny particles have been hanging around above the safe limit set by the World Health Organisation.

Keep Pushing Against the Pollution

So, Delhi’s still battling with this heavy pollution. Even though things are a tad better, they’re not in the clear yet. Gotta keep fighting to make the air better for everyone’s health.