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BONE HOOK BEERS ARE UNIQUE. No, really. The brewing process is highly dissected, measured, and tested using sophisticated analytical methods that are atypical in breweries of a similar size. In fact, Bone Hook Brewing Company is the only Southwest Florida craft brewery using an in-house spectrophometer to measure beer bitterness (IBU’s) and diacetyl, as well as microbiological analyses, which are key quality assurance and control parameters. Say what? Basically, the beers are insanely good because the Bone Hook team is comprised of science nerds. The on-site lab enables the crew to perfect each style of beer, thus producing only the highest quality product for suds-loving saps. Test the waters and start with their signature IPA. It’s the first beer they brewed and the most popular. WHY BONE HOOK? Hey, why not? We won’t pretend that deciding what to call ourselves was an easy process. We’ve had less difficulty trying to name our firstborn children. But after tossing around more ideas than we could count, we settled on Bone Hook because it felt right. Most of our team is from Florida. We live here. We brew here. One thing we can say about our Sunshine State is that its history is pretty colorful, especially when you start digging deep into old fishing lore and alligator wrangling. Bone hooks have been around for thousands of years. They are widely recognized as a tool used to catch fish, but what most people don’t know is that they’ve also been used to catch turkey, deer, fish, and even alligators. It’s pretty innovative for something so old school.


  • We offer 20 freshly brewed beers on tap and a wine selection.

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Three engineers walk into a bar, then another bar, and…a few more bars after that. Isn’t that how all great stories start?

Their names were John English, Dave Genson and Jason Vogel. They were a trio of professional puzzle solvers by day and beer brewing scientists by night. Every week, happy hours turned into weekends inside a garage where they fixated on yeast and barley.

With engineering backgrounds, it was only natural that deconstructing beer into its basic elements ignited their passion. They became consumed by the art behind the craft as they poured hours into creating new IPAs, pilsners, and stouts that exceeded their own high standards.

By 2013, a small brewery had developed in Dave’s garage (much to the chagrin of his wife and family). Friends and neighbors came by to sample the mad scientists’ creations and were amazed! Who knew these pencil pushers could concoct a craft beer of such quality? Yet they did, and their hobby became a business in 2016 as they opened the doors of Bone Hook Brewing Company.

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Monday – Thursday: 4 – 9pm Friday & Sunday: 1 – 9pm


1514 Immokalee Rd. #106
Naples, Florida 34110
United States

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