Top 10 Craft Beers In Arizona

It’s no breaking news that Arizona lover their beers, don’t blame them, that’s what it is when you live in the third most inducing climate in America, they even have what is known as Arizona Beer Week, Brewery Tour by Bus, The Great Arizona Beer Festival, the beer trail and a whole lot of other “We all love beer festival” (So, you get my point). As at 2015, Arizona had more than 70 craft breweries who produced some of the best craft beers you can find in America, that has changed though, there are more than 80 craft breweries in Arizona. But today we are not really looking at their beer festival, we want to about the ten craft beer from Arizona that stands out in all these. 

    Kilt Lifter

Kilt lifter is the staple from Four Peaks, Tempe, AZ.  This beer is a Scottish style ale that has a feel of malt sweetness and a roasted barley flavor. This beer is so good that it has won the World Beer Cup Gold Award, that was in 2017. This beer has made Four Peaks a household name in Arizona from the University (Arizona State) to its surroundings, if you are visiting Arizona in the hot sun, just branch at a bar and order for their Kilt Lifter. 

    Mr. Pineapple

From Santan Brewing Company, the beer has literarily made Santan Brewery one of the best breweries in Arizona. Mr. Pineapple is a pineapple wheat beer that won a silver award price at the World Beer Cup, it was also named the Best Local Beer in Phoenix in Arizona by the Phoenix New Times. It (Mr. Pineapple) is one of the core beers produced by Santan Brewing Company, Chandler, AZ. Believe me when I say this one beer that is loved by many in Arizona. 

    Handlebar Hefe

This is one real treat, its brewed by O.H.S.O Brewery + Disltellery, Phoenix, Az. It has a unique taste thanks to it Bavarian wheat. The Handler here is one great choice for a summer treat. This brewery company holds its own against other household brewery company. 

    Senor Gallo

Served Gallo is a beer served golden with a decent white bread. The beer has a clean taste, the base malts and floral hops will give you that large refreshing taste. All palates would enjoy this beer. Its brewed by the Wren House Brewing Company in Arizona. 

    Dragoon IPA

Truly a West Coast IPA, it is golden, it features a dank and herbal aroma that is backed by a malty base (backbone) this beer is brewed by the Dragoon Brewing Company. 


   Scottsdale Blonde 

The Scottsdale Blonde is a German-style Kolsch brewed beer that is great for your summer adventure. It is the Huss Brewing Company’s most accessible beer. So, if you are just entering the realm of the Craft beer world, you should give it a try. 

    Piehole Porter

The Piehole Porter is one of the loved beers in Arizona, and that’s rightfully so. It is brewed by Historic Brewing – Bottle House. The brown porter is not traditional. It’s a beer that has fresh cherries and vanilla beans. 

    Superstition Berry White

The superstition Berry White beer is dark red and oily. It has a unique Aroma, smells like blueberry, vanilla all mixed with honey. It is brewed by Superstition Meadery. 

    Bell’s Hopslam 

The Bell’s Hopslam beer is a solid double/imperial IPA. It is Semi-Clear and not too cloudy. The bear contains over six different hop varietals added to the brew kettle and culminating with a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe hops. 

    Prairie Bomb

An American Double, an imperial stout beer aged on espresso beans, mixed perfectly with chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho Chile peppers. The Chile pepper was added to it to give your tongue that little burning sensation. 

There you have it, these are the top 10 beers in Arizona, the next time you visit, make sure you order for one.