The Best Breweries in Tucson, Arizona

Craft beer has gained a lot of popularity in a number of states and Arizona has not been left behind. Arizona is more than just about snakes, cacti and sand. There are many places in Arizona that make their own creative versions of beer. The best breweries in Tucson include:

Borderlands Brewing Company

Borderlands brewing company can be found right in the downtown area of Tucson. It has gained popularity for the following varieties of beer:

-prickly pear wheat 

-citrana sour  

-cinnamon-flavored horchata cream ale

It is conveniently located to offer the best beer.

Nimbus Brewing Company

This is the largest brewery company in Arizona. It has become a part of Tucson’s cultural identity. The nimbus brewing company offers an amazing Reuben sandwich with live music and a wonderful casual setting. This makes nimbus brewing company a pleasing place for a great pint.

Barrio Brewing Company

Dennis Arnold and his wife Tauna founded this brewery. This couple were among the first craft brewers in Arizona. The barrio brewery boasts of 12 house-created fresh beers. These beers are accompanied by a delicious full menu.

Dragoon Brewing Company

The dragoon brewing company is located on the west side of Tucson. From a tiny tap room, the dragoon brewery has evolved into a beautiful sit down pub that offers fresh beers on tap. Some of their best beers include dragoon IPA and saison blue.

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

The pueblo vida brewing company is known for trying out new infusions. On a daily basis, the brewery creates exciting new blends. They are also conveniently located in the downtown Tucson area.

Public Brewhouse

The public brewhouse is new in the Tucson town. Located at 4thavenue, the brewery has established itself as one of the best nanobreweries in the town. The public brewhouse offers own creations and guest beers on tap. One of the local favorites is the nook.

1912 Brewing Company

As the name suggests, 1912 has a significant meaning not only for the brewery but also for the residents. 1912 is the year when Arizona officially become part of the United States. The brewery was opened in 2015, way after 1912 but it still holds a special spot among the natives. The brewery has different styles of beer and have made positive strides in building a reputation in Tucson.

Thunder Canyon Brewery

TCB is among the three original Arizonian breweries. It has made a name among the locals for their amazing taps with varieties of high quality beer styles and flavors.

Sentinel Peak Brewing Company

The sentinel peak brewing company is not just a hot spot for grabbing a cold pint in town because it was started by fire fighters but because it offers a full service restaurant as well. More than that, with every sip of beer, you can feel the passion behind their great beer.

Without a doubt, each of these breweries has something unique to offer anyone that would like an exquisite taste of beer. When it comes to beer, trust these breweries to give the best beer that will be worth every sip.