Tempe, Arizona - College Town or Beer Town?


Tempe, Arizona, home to one of the nation’s largest public universities, has continued to develop a reputation for their craft beer scene. Arizona State University has long been known for its party scene and exceptionally large student body. Contrary to popular belief, the town has more than red solo cups filled with bottom-shelf piss water.


A Guide to Tempe’s Top Breweries:


Name of brewery: Pedal Haus Brewery


Why people like it: Pedal Haus, heavily praised for its Southwestern hospitality, takes two dollars off your bill to cover your first hour of parking. The brewery offers free games, an extensive food menu, and an expansive outdoor seating area.


Famous beers:

●     American Stout (ABV 6.1%)

●     White Rabbit IPA (ABV 7.35%)

●     Hoppy Lager (ABV 5.3%)



Name of brewery: Huss Brewing Company


Why people like it: Huss Brewing is a family-owned company that came to fruition in the back of an old F150. Now employing 14 full-time brewers, the size of the operation has increased dramatically since its inception in 2013.  The brewery now has two locations, one in Tempe, one in Phoenix.


Famous beers:

●     Scottsdale Blonde (ABV 4.7%)

●     Copper State IPA (ABV 6.5%)

●     Papago Coconut Joe (ABV 5.5%)