Love Beer? Check out Some Arizona’s Breweries to Quench Your Thirst!


Arizona, tucked away in a dusty corner known as the southwest, is a large state comprising of many cities and towns with a variety of people, races, and cultures, speaking various languages and following different religions. But there is one thing that unites them all together, that is, their love for beer. Yes, with a rather hot climate for most of the year, Arizonan's brew, drink and celebrate with plenty of beer all year round. With a huge variety of these beverages, many local Arizona breweries are famous for their blend of special beer. Here are the ten must visit breweries in the Grand Canyon State:

 1.     Four Peaks, Tempe: Four Peaks is Tempe's largest and topmost distributor of the nationally famous Scottish style ale, Kilt Lifter. This style of beer has a salty sweetness added with a slightly roasted barley flavor. Kilt Lifter is not only nationally famous for its type but is also the winner of many prestigious awards, including the World Beer Cup Gold Award. Located near the Arizona State University Campus, it provides a humble and friendly ambiance to enjoy a peg of this freshly brewed beverage.  

 2.     Huss Brewing Company, Tempe: Known for its signature blend, Scottsdale Blonde, Huss Brewing Company is a lager and ale brewery run by a married couple in Tempe. Though known for their 24-hour service in providing local liquor, Huss is also famous for another German style blend called the Koffee Kolsch, which is now a local and national favorite all around the year.

3.     Santan Brewing Company, Chandler: Started in 2007, Santan Brewing Company has covered a long way in these eleven years. Reputed for their homely ambiance, the company also furnishes a few styles of beers that are unique and irresistible during a hot summer day. The list includes Devil's Ale, HopShock IPA, Hefeweizen and the pineapple wheat beer, Mr. Pineapple, which has also won the silver at the World Beer Cup. If that isn't enough, they also brew Canzilla, a must-try drink.    

4.     Sonoran Brewing Company, Phoenix: Well-known among all beer enthusiasts, Sonoran’s White Chocolate Ale is the talk of the town for all the right reason. This light and refreshing wheat beer are known for its delicate aroma and subtle white chocolate taste.

5.     O.H.S.O Brewery and Distillery, Phoenix: Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost (O.H.S.O) is most famous for their huge range of locally brewed beers. But they also have their special delicacy, the Bavarian Wheat Beer and Handlebar Hefe that are ideal to quench the thirsty summers.

6.     Barrio Brewing, Tucson: The longest running brewery in Arizona, Barrio Brewing is known for its signature collection of Barrio Blonde, Copperhead Pale Ale, and Taylor Jane's Raspberry Ale. Their seasonal and innovative tap beer like Espresso infused Mocha Java Stout rock the brewery all round the year.  

7.     Mother Bunch Brewing, Phoenix: Run by Julie Meeker, this microbrewery is situated at Downtown, Phoenix. Best known for its The Mother Bunch Baie Rose Saison, a French-style ale, that uses star anise spices, gives the liquor a refreshing aroma and color.

8.     Dragoon Brewing Company, Tucson: Dragoon Brewing Company brews only two beers all year round and both of them are their signature creation. One is Dragoon IPA and the other is Stronghold Session Ale, both can make any beer lover salivate.

9.     Historic Barrel - Bottle House, Flagstaff: With a range of fresh and different style of flavors, the Flagstaff's Historic Barrel-bottle House crafts Piehole Porter. With a unique blend of cherry and vanilla flavors, this beer is quite popular among the Arizonans. 

10.  Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company, Gilbert: Named as the best new brewery in the world by, this brewing company uses local ingredients to craft each style of their beers, including their signature beverage, Oaked and Ordinary, an English bitter that's aged on oak staves.