Craft Beer On The Rise


I am not the only delicious homegrown export from the Pacific Northwest, we also have beer!

Crack open a cold one, kick up your feet and enjoy my comprehensive Oregon brewery review.

DISCLAIMER: There are hundreds of breweries in Oregon. In no way, shape or form is this an exhaustive list. This is simply a closer look at some of the breweries that have penetrated my humble sphere of existence.

Deschutes, Bend

Claims to Fame: Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Fresh Squeezed IPA

Highest ABV:8.3%

CSR Score: Deschutes Brewery recycles 100 percent of its  “beer wastewater“. A portion of this byproduct goes towards making bread that is served in its restaurants and the remaining portion is sent to Oregon farms for a soil enhancer.

Best Recent Tweet: Let’s just say Deschutes might need some work in this department…It appears that the brewery is going on some sort of parrot rampage with the #PairItWithFun campaign. All of the marketing around its lowest ABV beer, Da Shootz, is linked with this hashtag and photos of parrots. Upon further investigation, it does not appear that this beer has any tie to actual parrots, Deschutes is just trying to encourage consumers to post how they #PairItWithFun.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 4.51.46 PM

Ninkasi, Eugene

Claims to Fame: Total Domination IPA, Dawn of the Red Pale Ale, Tricerahops Double IPA

Highest ABV:10%

CSR Score: Ninkasi facilitates a beer donation program where community members and businesses can donate Ninkasi beer to nonprofit organizations linked to animal rights, arts and music, LBGTQ equality, outdoor pursuits, gender equality and education. The program is called “Beer is Love” and is based around using beer as a way to bring people together.

Best Recent Tweet: Although it is a retweet, this tweet is a perfect example of Ninkasi’s social media strategy. The brewing company often engages with consumers on Twitter about current events in Eugene.

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10 Barrel, Bend

Claims to Fame: Apocalypse IPA, Crush Sours, Pub Beer

Highest ABV: 10.2%

CSR Score: 10 Barrel runs a “Charity of the Month” program at each of their pubs. Every month, all 10 Barrel locations partner with a nominated charity and sell Charity T-Shirts with all proceeds donated. The brewery also partners with a variety of adventure-based athletes  and hosts the ski and snowboard competition tour, Hella Big Air. The event offers free admission and live music for all ages.

Best Recent Tweet: As of two days ago, the Blockbuster store in Bend, Ore. is the last living, breathing franchise of the nostalgic video rental company. Naturally, 10 Barrel released a Blockbuster beer and made a competition out of it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.43.02 PM.png

Rogue, Newport

Claims to Fame: Straight Outta Newport Oregon IPA, Outta Line IPA, Dead Guy Ale

Highest ABV: 12.8%

CSR Score: Each quarter, Rogue selects a beer that goes towards the greater good. In the past, proceeds have gone towards skatepark reconstruction, Alzheimer’s research, wildlife rehabilitation and supporting working class Latinx families. Over the summer, Rogue also partnered with Sierra Nevada Brewing to brew Resilience IPA, a beer that was created to support communities affected by the California wildfires.

Best Recent Tweet: Rogue released a GIF pairing its beers with different types of Girl Scout cookies. Nothing says Mardi Gras in the Pacific Northwest quite like bodying a box of Girl Scout cookies and chasing them with some Rogue beer.

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Widmer, Portland

Claims to Fame: Hefe America Hefeweisen, Upheaval IPA, Drop Top Amber Ale

Highest ABV: 9.0%

CSR Score: Widmer collaborates with the Energy Trust of Oregon to continue cutting down its carbon emissions. Currently, the company is working on a C02 reuse program that will use carbon emissions from the brewing for a practical reuse within the brewery.

Best Recent Tweet: In Portland, Widmer is widely known for its partnership with the Portland Timbers, but the brewery has also been an official sponsor of the the Portland Trail Blazers for over a decade. At the end of 2018, the Blazers and Widmer came out with a co-branded Hefe can that is currently all the rage at the Moda Center.

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Hopworks, Portland

Claims to Fame: Hopworks Organic IPA, Ferocious Citrus IPA, Gear Up IPA

Highest ABV: 10.6%

CSR Score: Hopworks is an official  “Bike Friendly Business.” Partnering with over 12 bike-related nonprofits, Hopworks ornaments its pubs with covered bike racks and also has stationary bikes that customers can ride to fuel the pub.

Best Recent Tweet: Hopworks offers a pretty cool membership deal called The Mug Club. Supposedly, if you buy one of their 21 ounce mugs, you get lots of discounts and a birthday present. The Mug Club is a great option if your friends and family annually disappoint you on your big day.

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I would love to stay and chat with you all about the each and every one of the Oregon Breweries, but it is time for me to knock-off and hit the pub myself. Bye for now.

By: Laura Groshans